3D Print Materials Polyjet

3D Printing Materials

A broad range of FDM and Polyjet materials are available for 3D Printing here in our Wollongong Shop!

Do you require parts that are:

                                           Fully Transparent 

                                           Hard plastic 

                                           Soft rubber 

or even a combination of each? If so we can achieve this.


Digital Materials

3D Printed Digital Materials
Digital Materials are obtained by the combination of multiple photopolymers in specific composite arrangements and controlled structures allowing a gradient of mechanical and aesthetic properties. In fact this is probably one of the best examples of the new dimension that 3D printing brings to manufacturing. 



An example combines VeroWhitePlus (A rigid engineering polymer simulant) with TangoBlackPlus (a flexible silicone simulant), which allows up to 14 different material combinations with graded flexibility and shading (Objet VeroWhitePlus RGD835, Objet TangoBlackPlus FLX980-TangoPlus FLX930).


At our 3D printing Wollongong one stop shop we can access the Vero, Tango, and Digital ABS material families to produce parts to your unique requirements.