3D Scanning

3D Scanning

We offer the latest 3D Scanning technology, providing you with highly accurate 3D models.

Our experienced team work with the latest systems to scan your part, then convert the scanned surfaces to provide you with the CAD file of choice, or.........we can redesign the part to your new specifications to be 3D printed/machined all on site.

We have options for handheld or fixed scanning, which allows us to scan a variety of different objects with varied accuracy.

For example, this gives the flexibility to scan around large objects through handheld scanning, or mount a detailed part on a rotary turntable for higher resolution requirements.

Please see our specifications below:

Have an awkward part where the dimensional accuracy is required but the part cannot be measured using standard measuring equipment: 

Yes we can achieve this accuracy from our 3D Scanner:


An example of our capabilities: